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Branding 22 Sep. 2023

2 Distinct Approaches to Brand Naming

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After 15 years of experience in branding for various companies, it's become evident that there are two primary types of brand naming, each suited for different purposes.


  1. Long-Lasting Projects - "Memorable Mastery"
    When your business aims for long-term growth and industry leadership, your brand name should be distinctive and unforgettable.
    Clarity: The name should be straightforward and easy to understand.
    Originality: It should stand out and avoid clichés.
    Associations: Connect the name to the right brand identity.
    Personalization: Make it feel uniquely yours.
    Pronunciation: Ensure it's easy to say and remember.

    For instance, our team developed a new Russian fashion marketplace named "SVOY," which means "mine" or "my own" in Russian. To successfully register the brand, we added a "1" to the end as "I," signifying its uniqueness and protecting the brand from having co-sounding registered brand in the future.

    This name is very powerful, easy to remember, it is being pronounced dozens of times every day by every one. Which results in a way more powerful impact of marketing awareness campaigns. By the way, you can already find this project on both App and Play stores.


  1. Short-Lived Projects - "Unforgettable Obscurity"
    For projects intended to operate briefly and then silently vanish, the naming process takes a different turn. In such cases, a name that's challenging to memorize is the right choice.

    Unclear: Choose a name that's not immediately obvious.
    Banal: Opt for something common and unremarkable.
    No Associations: Avoid connections to any specific identity.

    Hard to Pronounce: Make it intentionally difficult to say.
    Lacks Identity: Ensure it's generic and lacks distinctiveness.

    For example, when testing various products under different temporary brand names, it's wise to use names that are easily forgettable. This approach allows you to gauge the products without memorable branding. If successful, you can then introduce a more meaningful brand name.

    Consider "Zvygz" Kettle Pots – a name so obscure that it's intentionally difficult to remember. But here's the strategy: If these kettles garner positive testimonials, you can then patiently wait for 3-5 months and introduce "PusPlus Kitchen Co. (++Kitchen Co.)" with an improved kettle design. In this case, success is virtually guaranteed, thanks to the trust and acclaim established by your initial venture.


When embarking on a business venture, consider the duration and goals carefully. For long-lasting projects, choose a memorable and meaningful name that resonates with your audience. For shorter endeavors, select a forgettable, almost absurd name.

And remember, if a company's name seems odd and offers something unnecessary, it might be wise to tread carefully, as meaningful naming often reflects the authenticity of a company's intentions.